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Lobby. Royal Mansour, Marrakech, Morocco. © Royal Mansour

Royal Mansour Marrakech


From about EUR 1100 per night

Moo Restaurant © Hotel Omm Barcelona

Hotel Omm Barcelona


From about €215, including VAT per night

Executive Suite. One&Only The Palm, Dubai. © One&Only Resorts

One&Only The Palm Dubai

United Arab Emirates

From about USD 888 per night

Harbour corner. EAST, Hongkong. © Swire Hotels

EAST Hong Kong


From about $300 per night

J.K. Place Roma, Rome, Italy. © J.K. Place Roma

J.K. Place Roma, Rome


From about €400 (approx. £332) per night

Uma by Como, Punakha, Bhutan. © COMO Hotels and Resorts

Uma by COMO Punakha


From about USD $500 per night

Vault Karaköy, The House Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey. © The House Hotel

Vault Karaköy—The House Hotel, Istanbul


From about €169 (approx. £137) per night

Hotel Sezz Saint Tropez, France. © Cocoon Room. Hotel Sezz Saint-Tropez, photo by Manuel Zublena

Hotel Sezz Saint Tropez


From about €270 (approx. £225) per night

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